Boxed In

July was spent with a dual focus of family and moving. You’ll hear about the family issues next week, but let’s just get it out of the way right now, I hate getting ready to move and the unpacking afterward. I love the travel to a new home and the orientation of a new place. However, one by one all the little boxes get checked and I am running on schedule.

Moving from the lower 48 north to Alaska requires myriad planning. Boxes are being shipped to Alaska packed with my heavy-duty winter clothes, socks, and boots. Another will have sweaters, sweats, and assorted sleep wear. There will be more but I haven’t planned that far ahead since at the same time, I’m packing household goods that I don’t have to worry about breaking.

Packers will do the kitchen, photos, and pictures. The next day movers will arrive to take all my beloved stuff to storage. After a quick visit with Cliff and family, Alicia and I will fly to her home where the unpacking begins. Let me repeat I hate the packing and unpacking. Everything else makes it worthwhile. A fresh start. I’m so ready.

Meanwhile, a lovely young couple is leasing my house. I am turning over my “baby” to those with the youth and vigor to properly take care of it for me. They have all the normal dreams of family with the dog lovingly in attendance. I see the courage and faith that they will need in the future, and a steadiness that is so rare today. So we all move on, taking everyone close by now far away in our hearts along with heartfelt invitations to come visit. I love being in Alaska, it calls to me. It is my destiny.

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