Woe Is Me

I’m feeling sorry for myself today and using whatever means possible, including writing this post, to avoid doing what needs to be done, i.e., packing boxes.  A few days ago, I taped up some boxes for packing, strewing them so that they were always in view just to annoy myself into filling them.  So far, the plan is working and I do love when a plan comes together.  Out of nine prepped boxes, three are filled and taped shut.  If the stars align, three more will be finished by the end of the day.  Then, more on Sunday and everyday until the packers come to finish the job.  Of course, it happened that as the empty boxes were strewn across the room twice people came to see me.  So, they had to push and shove their way into the room.  I was embarrassed momentarily, but good conversation soon morphed embarrassment into the joy of talking with friends.

One of my neighbors, Judy, came by with a gift of fresh-from-the-garden tomatoes and cucumbers which I was delighted to accept.  Being a compulsive buyer when it comes to grocery stores, I’m trying to steer clear of them for a while to diminish the food supply that I have admittedly been hoarding.  That comes from my husband.  Being the oldest of nine siblings, an abundance of food was always important to him.  Of course, when the three babies we reared turned into marauding teenagers in the kitchen, a good supply was an absolute necessity.  After one trip to the grocery store, I came home with four family-sized boxes of  cereal assuming that they would last the week.  The next morning I woke up to reality.  There were only two and a third boxes remaining after a late night raid.  C’est la vie!

Full cupboards are security to me.  They provide a wide selection to fulfill my every food whim and keep me well fed during storm, sleet, snow, and other ravages of nature.  It also, and this is no small matter, keeps me out of the grocery store where I have no impulse control.  Take me to any other shop or store and I can wrinkle my nose or negatively shrug at most everything.  But the siren call of fruit and veggies, pizzas, ice cream, oh, excuse me.   I need a moment.



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