Last Gasp

The next plane trip I take will have to be made on a train. In a year the seats feel just that much smaller and the plane itself has taken a ten per cent reduction. You can only get lunch or dinner as it were if you are heading northsouth a the same time which is impossible. Should you get said meal it will be a wrap which is only a little longer than the Biscoff cookies offered. And you must pay for it just like anything with alcohol, a movie, internet, your bags and your tickets. Airlines are obviously adhering to that age old motto of less is more.

You would think that Americans as a whole would embrace the less is more attitude with the cost of everything out there. The vehicle you buy comes at a high price tag which is then filled with pricey gasoline and the maintenance is almost prohibitive unless you do it yourself while the local government then charges you a personal property tax on said vehicle.

I’ve heard doctors are trying to provide a way for families to actually have 2.5 children thereby saving money while still having the third child they always wanted. It has to help. College educations require the equivalent of a mortgage to attend four years and each year tuition rises again. The cost of textbooks is prohibitive and jobs after graduation won’t provide the pay necessary to live a modest lifestyle and pay the student loans as well.

But don’t worry, folks, the state of the economy is good and our governing parties are quick to tell us how good it is under their administration. We are flourishing as we are all swept down a river of torrents of lies and a sustained ignorance of the real state of our affairs.

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