Ode To Working Man

Three stalwart, sturdy men stride through the house pushing padded dollies carrying shrouded furniture from house to truck. They have been doing this steadily since just before ten o’clock They are all fit and capable and go about their work with a stoic demeanor always pleasant allowing bits of their personality to slip through in quick moments. A tune hummed here, a murmur or a quick, soft laugh there.

Hour by hour, the day passes, rooms empty leaving behind a detritus of tape or paper scattered randomly. They move with all determination and grit getting through the day without whimper or complaint. Get the job done and go home. Perhaps it’s on to once again repeat the parade of boxes and furniture somewhere else. Their steadiness and professionalism reassure that all is well and my most precious belongings are in good hands.

Looking around, voices echoing through the emptiness, I see the results of their labor and a job well done. Their actions provide comfort, a balm if you will, to a bruised soul. Three men who do what men and women all over the earth do everyday. They earn a living for themselves and their families one foot in front of the other each work day. These real heroes are rarely noticed nor lauded. They are the force through which we are allowed to live the lives we choose. Whether via a factory, a store, or any other job, it is their efforts that provide the basics to us all. Thanks to each and every one of you; I aYou do not go unnoticed; I see you.



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  1. Leo says:

    Great descriptions, Mom. Be careful about seeing them too much. That is where stalking begins. 🙂

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