A Quiet Reminder

Tuesday was my “meet and greet” with my local doctor and during the visit, I was strongly advised to get a flu shot as well as one for pneumonia. Now, I feel as though all life has been sucked out of me and my arm hurts. The good news is that I will feel better tomorrow and my arm won’t ache any more and the chances of me infecting those around me including a newborn little girl next March are slimmer.

All this reminded me of an article I read by a mother with a child who has cancer. If you don’t know cancer treatment leaves your immune system vulnerable to infections. Plus, any infection quickly becomes problematic in such a vulnerable person. Other children around him who were not vaccinated presented a real problem. As an adult, I can easily live in a bubble and have done so many winters; however, that becomes really difficult with a child especially one of school age. Having read through articles with the pros and cons of being vaccinated, I found nothing compelling against them.

My daughter had a reaction to the first pertussis vaccination given her. We went immediately to the doctor’s office where she remained under observation until the crisis passed. Her vaccinations were completed minus the pertussis. I’m willing to bet that during the recent regional crisis with Ebola people would have lined up for hours for a vaccination if one were available. Let’s all be cautiously optimistic and get ourselves and our children vaccinated.

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