Nerdy Hoarder

Last night was an adventure in the world of IPads and iPhones. It all started with a nearly dead battery in my previous phone. Since you can’t buy another battery, you must buy a new phone. Smart marketing there by Apple, but it’s wallet draining for the consumer. With the latest phone released and the purchase complete, I waited anxiously for the delivery to arrive.

It took only minutes to set it up and I was delighted to have a working phone again. Since I’m not connected to my phone on a minute by minute basis, it took a couple of weeks for me to notice that the phone and iPad which my adult children gave me last Christmas weren’t syncing like they should. With a little investigation, it turned out that they were on different systems requiring me to update my iPad. And that’s when I realized that I’m a nerdy hoarder.

Truth to tell, if I had had my druthers I would have just purchased a new iPad, but since I was short on druthers and cash, I sat and deleted stuff off my iPad until it hurt to make space for the update. I cleaned out contacts, photos, mail and everything else I could find that needed cleaning checking the space available status occasionally. I deleted music, music, and more music. I only listen to about ten percent of what I had listed. But a good 25% of the deleted songs I wanted to keep. It’s called being between a rock and a hard place. Finally, I hit the magic number and the update loaded. This was a huge learning session. Keeping things simple is best and that goes for everything including electronics.

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