Spam Mail

Every now and then, I’ll sit down and wander through spam mail for my site. It’s a journey through a wild, wild world that often makes me laugh or smile. For every three or four that are actual spam, there is one that makes me think that the person actually read my post.

Last night, I wandered through about ten pages of spam and had to laugh when one comment was entirely in Japanese. I used to speak a little Japanese but never did learn to read it so it was all hieroglyphics to me. There was also one in German and hundreds of others that I couldn’t read or even determine what language was used.

There were some really nice comments which I took to be encouraging even though it wasn’t possible to reply to them. For those folk as well as my small cadre of loyal readers, I just want to say thank you for reading my posts. Your readership is what keeps me going.

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One Response to Spam Mail

  1. Cliff says:

    Thanks for writing, Mom! We have enjoyed reading your posts and hope you continue to write many more.

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