Weather Advisory

It was mentioned in an earlier post that air conditioning in Alaska is rare. Instead you open the window to cool your house or room down. Upon awakening this morning, my room felt stuffy and overly warm so I opened the window leaving the door open for further air circulation. That’s the air conditioning system here. No electricity required or the huge bills.

Right now, it’s 39 degrees and clouded over after almost a week of bright sunny, beautiful days. Now, there is a weather advisory for snow tonight. The higher elevations will receive several inches while Anchorage will get about an inch. Since the high tomorrow will be 44 degrees the first snow will be short lived at least for Anchorage.

Assuming that this actually happens, it won’t be a surprise. Not that I expected snow this early because I didn’t. Instead the lady at the grocery store who waylaid me gave me the warning. As she explained, breakup, which happens in springtime and is inevitably messy and smelly, occurred early this year and the norm is that when that happens, the first snow, which normally arrives around Halloween, will arrive earlier.

For now, my door is closed and it’s about time to close the window. I’m sitting here barefoot in comfortable clothing not sure where my heavy coat is since Alicia put it away when the box arrived. So far, my hate affair with coats is intact. I haven’t put on a jacket or coat yet and haven’t been cold at all. Of course, I usually go out during the afternoon which is the warmest part of the day. I’m aiming for November before I drag out the winter gear. It’s a game I love to play. How cold can I get walking from the car to the store, not very much so far.

PS: It didn’t snow. We just got rain, but the mountain tops are now snow covered. They don’t look so bare any more. See……


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5 Responses to Weather Advisory

  1. Doris says:

    We drove through snow in Yellowstone last month. Tricky when you’re in an RV towing a car. Be safe.

  2. Jeanette Spencer says:

    As much as I do not like snow, that picture is absolutely beautiful.

  3. Leo says:

    The mountains are beautiful!

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