More Like I Expected

Finally, we are having the type of weather that I expected in Alaska.  It started yesterday when the temperature dropped after days and endless days of warm, unseasonable weather. Fall warm weather in the Anchorage area  is in the 40’s which feels warmer than you would think due to the low humidity.  It rose to nearly 50 degrees a couple of times and, let me tell you, that is too warm for this time of year.

Then, the rain came and it cooled to a more moderate 30 and below.  It feels so much better now.  Great sleeping weather, but there is a downside since every outside surface is covered with ice.  It’s not really thick but it’s constant.  Walking to the mailbox today, I avoided hills where possible and walked rather flat-footed to maintain balance.  The roads here are rougher than in other states which allows for better traction.  Cars are equipped with special tires used only for winter driving providing a better grip.  So, here we sit with an icy exterior, but no snow.  It will come eventually and everything will be beautiful once again as opposed to the drabness of the winter vista.

We are approaching the winter equinox as every day gets shorter and shorter.  Daylight begins around nine in the morning and winds down between four or four thirty.  We are all hoping for a snowy Thanksgiving and, God forbid, Alaskans not have a white Christmas.  It just wouldn’t be fair.  So while Buffalo, NY is definitely snowed in, we sit here pretty much high and dry…, iced.

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