Nature’s Irony

It’s hilarious!  At least, I think so.  I moved from Mississippi, where winters are a balmy fifty or sixty something most days, to Tennessee ready to embrace cold weather once again looking forward to the snow.  Sure enough, the first winter there were five snow events which were beautiful and pretty much gone within two or three days.  It was just perfect.  The following winters didn’t bring much snow and when it did, the snow barely covered the grass disappearing with its usual swiftness.  There was one really good snow which I remember because I locked myself and my dogs out of the house unintentionally.

As you know, I moved to Alaska late this summer and expected to see endless snow along with the endless winter.   Yeah, well, we did have one snow locally which disappeared in a blink.  Yes, the mountains are covered, but at our lower elevation, we have been bypassed so far.  The stores are laden with firewood and pallets of bagged sand to weigh down the open beds of trucks.  Trax, a product attached to the bottoms of shoes to provide traction when walking outside, are purchased waiting to be used. We are waiting on the snow.

Meanwhile, in Tennessee, a snow storm struck leaving 22 inches on Mount LeConte and closing down Interstate 40 near the Tennessee-North Carolina border.  Hikers and campers were evacuated from the Smokies.  Everything was awash in snow.  So, yes, Mother Nature, that’s a good one on me.  Just hilarious!

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  1. Judy Payne says:

    Hey There, Grandma. Guess you are jumping with joy for your new granddaughter. So happy for Alicia. Just wanted to let you know we have just finished one of our applesauceathons and thanks again for the jars and such. Didn’t have to buy a thing this year. Headed up to the mountains for 4 days and hope to get another bushel while there. Takes 2 bushels to get us all through the winter now. The grans are so spoiled with homemade they won’t eat store applesauce. Alicia, thanks for all the jewelry orders. Imagine our little endeavor being all the way in Alaska. LOL It started out as a joke almost.

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