A New Kink

Life is just one surprise after another and that’s why we all keep hanging around.  We want to see what’s around the corner or over the next mountain.  After some subtle,or not, comments about my loud television habits, I made an appointment with an audiologist to get my hearing tested.  It’s kinda an age-appropriate thing to do.  The last time I had an audiology test was before entering the Marine Corps so I had some idea of what to expect and found that they haven’t changed much.

It’s still sitting in a sound proof room with those earphones listening for the beeps played in varying decibels pushing a button when heard.  But there is also a male voice spoken with absolutely no intonation giving a list of two-syllable words which you then repeat.  This time it was different for me since I found my self straining to hear the sounds at times not sure if I was imagining them or if it was only an echo of beeps previously heard.

All through the test, my mind kept repeating “I hate tests! Is this a pass/fail test?  I cannot fail this test!” like a mantra.  But fail I did and they suggested I get two hearing aids since my left ear was mild to moderately affected and my right ear, oh, my right ear is nearly profoundly deaf the damage is so severe.  Of course, insurance never covers hearing aids although you can get coverage which I’m considering.

Hearing aids are wow, they’re just, well, wowowowowow expensive.  Their cost is higher since so few people need them I read.  My thought was that if they weren’t so expensive more people would use them.  But they wouldn’t really since there seems to be some stigma towards wearing hearing aids just like there is about wearing glasses.  Honestly, I don’t feel like I’m missing much with my low-level of hearing, but still there’s a chance I might so I will announce to the world that I am older than dirt by wearing hearing aids.  Like they couldn’t tell by my hair, face, etc.  So, go ahead, listen to that music loudly, hang around loud machinery without protecting your ears and enjoy yourself.  It will be your turn next.

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4 Responses to A New Kink

  1. Judy Payne says:

    Hey! Be sure you do your research. There are a lot of avenues for hearing aides that they don’t tell you about. You may have some military options. Our experience with Tamara has been that they don’t volunteer the free stuff or the aide stuff. You have to dig it our for yourself. Those little tiny in the ear things are barely noticeable. Also, you insurance probably would cover a cochlear if you feel the need.

    AMEN! to the noise issue. After 37 years of dealing with deafness in our family, I want to shake people who don’t protect their ears from loud jobs and that infernal music. I love contemporary music but it doesn’t have to be played loud enough to hear in outer space. The hearing aide people need to just hang on. There is a whole generation coming along that will be wearing aides by 40.

    Interesting side note. Almost half of the kids Tamara went to preschool for the deaf with were deaf from repeated ear infections. Mom’s make sure you don’t take them lightly.

  2. Cliff says:

    Haha, at least when you have the hearing aids, you can shut them off so you won’t have to hear Alicia’s not-so-subtle comments again. 🙂

  3. Doris says:

    My turn is coming, but first gotta get the eyeballs fixed. I’ll be calling on you for support for both fixes, since you’ve already been there, done that.

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