Words We Live By

Every year, there is always a brief news blurb about new words added to our dictionaries, generally ones popularized by constant usage in everyday life.  It leads me to think about words that aren’t used much anymore.  For example, while in college, one professor, a stuffy one if I remember right, led a discussion on antidisestablishmentarianism.  It’s really too bad that word has fallen out of favor although that probably happened because who can pronounce it, much less spell the word.  It’s defined as a political philosophy that views a nation’s or society’s power structure as corrupt, repressive, exploitative, or unjust.

It was the recent protests around our fair nation that reminded me of the word and despite it falling out of favor, the passion behind the word and the actions implied by it have been around since the 1800’s if not earlier.  The protests also remind me of the Preamble to our Constitution which says, “We the People of the United States, in order to form a more perfect Union……”.  Even then, these men understood that while not perfect, the government was being established to provide a system that would generally provide justice for one and all.  They were also wise enough to know that attitudes and people would change establishing a process by which the government could be updated to become more perfect.

If memory serves, the authors of the Preamble and Constitution were themselves protesters who sought the freedom to live their lives without unreasonable demands by the ruling authority.  They, too, were practicing antidisestablishmentarianism.  In retrospect, it seems that we will always have some type of protests over our lifetime since we and our union aren’t and never will be perfect.


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