Alaskan Snow Story

Beautiful winter picture  AliciaMoving to Alaska in September meant that I expected to see a typical Alaskan winter; however, weather phenomena seem to follow me around.  It was a typhoon in Okinawa, earthquake in California, and tornadoes in Virginia and Mississippi.  So, it was with fear and trepidation that I faced a certainty that Alaska would offer me its worst winter in years.  And that’s sort of what happened.  They had the warmest winter ever through the end of 2014 setting all types of new records.

We had a few brief snow showers that melted quickly until the ground became cold enough to retain the last few inches.  The trend continued with temperatures in the thirties and forties until last week when the forecast suggested snow was coming, probably.  A front was coming backed by yet another one both of which could bring a snow event.IMG_0144

Sure enough, on Thursday evening, there was a snow shower lasting a few hours before ending.  Then, Friday, a second round began in late afternoon which should have ended this Saturday morning.  It’s late afternoon now and it’s still snowing and the flakes  which started out as almost minuscule have become fatter and are just as plentiful.

The neighbors were out earlier shoveling or snow blowing driveways ridding themselves of the accumulation up to that point.  I’m sure that the big plows are out clearing the roads while smaller ones will clear the sidewalks.  It’s a quiet, white vista everywhere you look with curbs creating bumps defining yard from street.  This is the first real snow of this Alaskan winter in the Anchorage area.  Tomorrow, the high is -1 with the low at -8.  It’s a real Alaska winter now.



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