Dawdling Rewarded

It was the Monday between New Years and Christmas when I decided to dawdle.  There were no posts to be written, research to be scoured, nor ideas to brainstorm.  Perfect time to just be and enjoy.   Toward that end, I channel surfed until finding a series called It Takes a Choir.  It’s a reality show, but not.  Gareth Malone, a 39-year-old English choirmaster and broadcaster, visits towns around the United States encouraging citizens to start a choir in their town.

That’s the premise.  It sounds like a whole lot of Dullsville, doesn’t it? But you would be wrong.  It’s the back story that tells the tale of people living a life that for each person’s own reason has gone stale.  The totally amazing part is the way so many individuals step up to be a part of something so decidedly beautiful.  The one voice added to the many makes not only beautiful music but also a beautiful spirit that is missing in too many lives.  Gareth, whose face gives him the look of a twelve-year-old, (sorry, Gareth, but you have a baby face) shows more courage than most men.

So, it’s a show about human nature led by one generous spirit who understands that the stress of daily life can be eased by the sound of voices joined in the joy of music.  Distances between people fall  as the notes join them in one purpose and lasting friendships are made.  If you like Steve Hartman stories, you’ll enjoy this show.  So, tomorrow, I’ll search for the British version of the show and dawdle, relax, and sing some more.  My staycation worked out just fine.

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