Night and Day, Day and Night

Just because I strive to be one hundred percent clear, please allow me to say that the days in Alaska are all 24 hours long just like everywhere; however, the amount of daylight versus night varies just about as wildly as you can imagine.  Since Anchorage isn’t located in an Arctic area, we don’t have 24 hours of darkness during the winter solstice, it just feels that way.

November’s daylight waned into December when the daylight became even shorter until finally we reached just a little over four hours of daylight around December 21st, the shortest day of the year.  Since then, second by second rounded into minutes, we have now reached nearly six hours of daylight.

The days will continue to  lengthen until June 21st when the sun will shine brightly until almost midnight and rise again around four in the morning.  Folk living here put up their exterior Christmas lights in October because that’s when they have sufficient daylight to complete the task.  The lights shining brightly are welcomed in the gloom of the “shorter” days.  It’s a different  life for those eight weeks or so.  There is a restlessness as those so accustomed to be being outdoors are chased inside by the darkness.

Writing this reminded me of the Cole Porter song, “Night and Day”.  For all you Kanye West fans, he used to be a really famous musician.

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