Alaskan Creativity

It’s unclear whether it’s the long, dark winters or the free-spirited-ness of the Alaskan culture, but everyone here seems to be so creative.  My dentist’s wife wore a beautiful knitted cap one day when she arrived late to the office.  I went into instant want and lust for that cap, but, thankfully, didn’t rip it right off her head.  That would be rude!  But I digress, back to the arts of Alaska.

Any who, my collection, while very small, includes a whalebone seal and several sets of original earrings and necklaces all of which are made by tradespeople in Alaska.  The necklaces, made by Sheila Wray of Juneau, are beautiful and all natural, which I prefer.  Plus I got to pick what I wanted and they were made just for me.  My favorite of all Alaskan made products is the Ulu which I just discovered is sold on Amazon no less.  These are wonderful kitchen tools for cutting herbs or veggies allowing for a rocking motion and easy manipulation of the blade to access all areas at once.

Attending a local farmer’s market in downtown Anchorage is an adventure in shopping with a wide variety of items all of which are made by the local artisans.  Native Alaskans provide a slew of crafts made from all the resources available.  When it reopens this coming spring, I plan on being there a lot to shop, shop, shop.



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2 Responses to Alaskan Creativity

  1. Michele says:

    The farmers market sounds like a fun outing! I’m also interested in that knife! Is the price on Amazon comparable to what you find locally?

  2. doris says:

    I absolutely LOVE my ulu knife. I use it almost daily. Glad to know I can get another one from Amazon. I need it for the motorhome.

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