Blowing In The Wind

For the most part, it has been a warmer winter than normal in the Anchorage area; however, the cold has finally arrived.  Watching the weather report is an adventure in wide-eyed amazement.  Right now, it is 13 in our fair town, but the wind chill drops it -3.  But I get wide-eyed at Fairbanks forecast which right now is -32 with no wind chill  No worry, it’s going up to -29 later tonight.  Uh, whoopee?

For the most part, the Anchorage area has very calm, low wind speeds which means the temperature given is the temperature felt, making it fairly comfortable.  Recently, the wind started blowing lowering the real feel quickly.  The snow that fell in January laid on the roofs in peaceful beauty for weeks on end until the wind came.  It’s strong arrival blew the dry snow that had accumulated everywhere, looking at times as if it were snowing, but it was just the wind doing it’s thing. Now, the snow-covered roofs are partially bare while the remaining snow is rippled much like sand on the beach.

But we are the lucky ones since some higher elevations outside of this area had winds up to 90 miles per hour.  This unforgiving, harsh cold driven by the blast of wind becomes deadly quickly.  It’s amazing to realize that people not only choose to live here, but also thrive making a life that brings them comfort.  However, there are those who choose to live in a warmer climate like Florida or Arizona during the early months of the year, escaping the worst of the cold.  Schools and businesses run regularly and life continues in its daily grind.  Icy conditions are about the only thing that brings normal to a slower pace.  It seems incredible, but if you know no other way to live or prefer the assets of Alaska to a warmer life, then, it begins to make some sense, maybe.


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  1. Doris says:

    +61 in my neck of the Rocky Mountains today. I went to the post office in shorts, short sleeves and sandals. Who turned my calendar to May already?

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