Great British Baking

Coconut cakeThere are several shows on PBS that I watch on a fairly regular basis, but I got totally caught up in The Great British Baking Show.  It was great fun and I saw baking that I have never heard of much less seen.  I watched each episode avidly and, naturally, chose my favorite baker.  All contestants were people whose avocation was baking thrilling their families and friends with their confections to fit any sweet need.

My mother was a baking wonder.  Anything she put her hands to make became a delicious dessert that earned the oohs and aahs of our family.  Now that I think about it, her next sister, Zula Mae, was the family champion not only of baking but cooking as well.  Growing up was a life filled with great food and, sadly, none of those abilities were passed on to me. However, I still remember my Mom and Dad in the kitchen days before Christmas making her famous, to us, fresh coconut cake.  They would huddle over the coconut with tools in hand to drill holes in the coconut eyes to drain the “milk” before cracking it and digging out the fresh coconut.  Being spoiled by all that freshness, I’ve never liked any other type of coconut.

The three layers were baked and poked with toothpicks all over before the “milk” was poured into each layer.  It was iced with Seven Minute Icing and the freshly grated coconut applied generously over the entire iced cake.  It was heaven on your tongue, a true Christmas treat.  It took hours to make this confection, but it was worth every minute of effort.  Maybe that explains why I enjoyed the Great British Baking Show.  Those folk worked with the same intensity and purpose as my parents with the same spectacular results.  You’ll have to excuse me, my sweet tooth is calling my name.


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