Violet Isn’t Just A Color

Violet Elizabeth entered our world on March 19th of this year and it was wondrous as always to meet this creature who had already brought such change to our world.  She is myIMG_0238 third granddaughter, along with my grandson, and my daughter’s first child.  At four months old, she has us all charmed with her quick smile and good temperament.  We can easily count the number of days or nights when she has cried with colic or something like it.  She loves music and delights in a song I made up using just her name.

I find it endlessly fascinating that each of my grandchildren (and children) came equipped with so much personality and watching them grow is like having Christmas everyday.  This little one is scary active even at this age and it bodes for a busy, busy future just keeping up with her.  Give me strength!  We read books, play with her toys, feed her when needed, and rock her when she hurts.

It’s warming to hear her Momma soothe with coos and murmurs when Violet frets.  Daddy is her hero already and just his touch quiets her cries.  What will she grow to be?  I’ve not a clue, but Violet, like my other three, will always have her grandma’s support.  So now we wait for all the firsts, sitting up, tooth, steps, and words.  The future will always be bright with this new addition.

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3 Responses to Violet Isn’t Just A Color

  1. Doris says:

    What a beautiful tribute to a lovely little girl. She will read this when she is older and understand exactly how much she is loved.

  2. Alicia Deaver says:

    She loved your blog! We’re so glad she’s here. She brings a lot of joy to us!!

  3. darlene says:

    Violet is my favorite color and your little princess is truly a gift from God to all of us. The song is so appropriate for her.

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