Eleven Eleven

Veteran’s Day always occurs on the eleventh day of the eleventh month.  This year brought back memories of attending commemorations at Arlington Cemetery with my husband and sons.  We sat on those marble seats in somber dress listening to speeches and music, attending the wreath laying, later watching the guards in their solemn, measured walk from side to side protecting the Unknown Soldier every hour of every day.  It is a reminder of the many men and women who have died to protect that which we so easily take for granted.

To those days is added the memories of following my father-in-law’s casket to his final resting place in Arlington Cemetery earned through a career in the Air Force.  My husband, too, was buried with military honors due to his Marine Corps service and, in my mind, honoring his years of service at the Department of Veteran’s Affairs.

The Marine Corps gave me a start in life after college, introduced my husband to me, and gave me two life-long friends.  All of us, men and women alike, lost friends and comrades who served with us and we honor them today along with all the fallen.

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  1. Doris says:

    … and people who haven’t been there have no idea what it means to serve. Thank you for commemorating and writing about our day.

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