Brain Dead

Before talking with anyone, there were things that had to be decided.  I needed to plan the look of the finished home.  My desired effect is a home that’s light, clean, airy, and modern with splashes of color from furnishings and framed prints.  It has to be comfortable and welcoming to me, my family and friends.  It needs to display my favorite items collected over the years without being cluttered.  That all sounds so simple, but it’s hard to do.

Currently, the kitchen is cut up, dark, and cumbersome. I love open house plans and I’m trying to incorporate that into the kitchen.  We are taking out a couple of cabinets, moving others, and adding a desk area.  Canned lights will go over the sink and a ceiling fan with light kit will hang from the ceiling. A new white counter-top and white appliances will finish it off with a stainless faucet and other stainless accents here and there.

The master bath is small and a wall of cabinets makes it feel cramped.  That room will be taken down to the wallboard and totally remodeled.  Having said that, it doesn’t bother me that it’s smaller.  The huge, monstrous master baths in many large homes just equate, to me, as ego stroking.  They are made to be show places, but, uh, I don’t know about you, but I don’t show my bathroom to a lot of people.  Anyhoo, the goal will be to make the room feel larger than it actually is.  With proper planning, a small bath can be spacious, yet support storage of all the bathroom stuff, and that’s the goal.

Goals and planning are two things that make me happy.  Projects are major fun and I love solving their puzzles.  Whether it’s a jigsaw puzzle or a remodel, the process is the same and, hopefully, the end just as satisfying.  But, right now, my brain is fried.

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  1. darlene Fahey says:

    Being one of the 3-Musketeers, you accomplish great changes to you new home. The other two are waiting to visit when finishes or when you call for our assistance.

    Semper Fi. dondi

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