A New Reality

The rest of moving day was spent locating necessities like soap, a toothbrush and toothpaste, and drinking glasses.  Alicia had made my bed before she left and I was overwhelmingly thankful for that thoughtful gesture.  I was too tired to eat, but forced myself to find something quick and easy to throw together to keep my tummy happy.  It took me a long while to finally slow down mentally and emotionally.  I was really here.  It had happened and I was in my new home.

It wasn’t perfect but it was close enough for me at that time.  A toothbrush sitting at the kitchen sink was an unusual sight until one day it wasn’t, but keeping the sink cleaned out for brushing was unique.  The new toilet was a pleasure with a different type of flush that is really cool.  It’s the simple things that count sometimes.  But my shower, oh my goodness.  It is a floor to ceiling large, white shower with subway tile running vertically and a stainless and aqua accent tiles and the most delicious glass doors that run on a rail at the top. The hot water flows beautifully and is plentiful.  Can’t ask for more.

There are boxes everywhere.  The living room and kitchen have paths for walking and fixing a quick meal while the bedrooms are cluttered with a few boxes and what few personal items I’ve already unpacked.  Unpacking and getting rid of the boxes becomes an obsessive goal.  Days of unwrapping all my goods that I haven’t seen for a couple of years turns into a Christmas feeling as I find each beloved item.  Some were my mother’s or grandmother’s, some my husband’s grandmother, and many were my husband’s.  Next I find a box that holds a lot of my kids’ items.  Things they made, earned, or wanted so bad in earlier years which I have carried around all these years keeping them safe for when they are ready for them.  These are my most precious things.  They will stay with me forever.

One by one the boxes dwindle until at last I have a place for most things.  There is still a long to-do list, but, happily, there are many tomorrows to complete and, then, check each chore off.  The house will never be perfect, but it will always be mine.

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  1. Leo says:

    Thanks, Mom, for this post. I love it when you write in this type of narrative, seemingly making the world around you come to life through your words. 🙂

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