Back To Rehabbing

There I was, totally Brain Dead (see previous post) with the holidays barreling toward us and a minimal amount of work being done.  Slacking off was epidemic.  The carpenter and painter were finishing up their end of the work, the floors were installed as were the counter-tops, but the bathrooms were at a standstill.   Appliances were in place but a couple weren’t hooked up.  To top it all off, I got sick and lost a week of doing all the things I needed to do.  My move in date was set for December 28th.  There was definitely trouble in River City.

So, I did what I do best.  I settled myself down, did about 30 minutes–well, okay, 24 hours–of being completely, absolutely miserable and whining. Then, I settled and got realistic about everything.  Reluctantly, I changed the moving date to December 30th.  I considered changing it to late January, but then, I would lose my daughter’s help and, honestly, she can get three times as much done in five minutes as I can in an hour.  Nothing, nothing can replace that kind of help.  I firmly told the remaining contractor that I was moving in on the thirtieth and that was final, adding that I needed a sink, a shower and a toilet installed by that date.  I was mad and rightly so.  The bathroom vanities and tops were delayed and that didn’t upset me, but other items had been lying around for weeks just waiting to be installed.  So, my patience and tolerance for delay was at an end.

The move went seamlessly thanks to Alicia and a friend, Michelle.  We started at 7:00 am, with the movers due at 8:30 am, doing last-minute packing and loading up the cars with breakables, groceries, and refrigerator items to move from my apartment to the house.  The movers showed up right on time and started loading up boxes and furniture.  By noon, the truck was unloaded and the girls had finished the last of their deliveries.  They returned to the apartment for a last cleaning and just like that, by 2:00 pm,  the move was finished.  Finally, I could sit down and move a little slower which worked out well since I could barely move.  Alicia asked what else she could do and, smiling, I told her, “Leave.”  It took her about two minutes to clear out.  We were all worn out and ready for some long overdue relaxation and naps.  The big push was complete and I would and could live with the consequences.

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2 Responses to Back To Rehabbing

  1. Leo says:

    Congratulations on the successful move! I am glad to hear that the move was so successful and rather uneventful. I hope you are settling into your home. The pictures looked awesome. We are excited to come see you very soon. 🙂

  2. Jeanette Spencer says:

    Glad to hear that you are finally settled. Connie suggested that we plan a summer trip to come see you. I told her I think you might need some time to rest up and that maybe we will plan it for next year.

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