Returning To Life

Honesty is the best policy, or at least, that’s what I’ve always heard.  If I’m honest, I’ll tell you that it has taken a longer-than-expected time to get my home into working order.  The time has been spent getting both bedrooms and baths in good working order and set up for guests to have all necessities available.  It took a month and some help to hang all my pictures which brightened the house and emptied floor and closet space.  Now, the only interior house projects left are organizing the built-in shelving and installing shelves in the bathrooms.

The first visitors were my family which just seems appropriate.  After all, they had to put up with long separations over great distances.  It was our every-so-often family reunion which was difficult when Alicia lived in Alaska and trips home were busier than fleas on a dog.   Then, Cliff and family moved to South Africa for two plus years and Skype replaced family reunions, kinda sorta.  Scheduling time to talk was “interesting” but Alicia took on the task of setting up the times and dates for us with some living in South Africa, some in Missouri, and the rest of us in Alaska.  Then, the long hoped for day arrived and Alicia, family, and I moved back to the lower 48.

Now, we are all living in the contiguous United States.  Cliff and family are currently based in North Carolina until next year, Heather and Lilah are in Missouri, Alicia, her family and I are in Mississippi and the reunion was planned.  It was glorious to have all my family here and was the first time that my entire family was together since 2012.

Since then we’ve added two more young ones, Lilah and Violet.  We had ten adults and four children ages ranging from eleven to two.  Despite some worries about how they would all get along, it was as though they were reunited after a long absence.  Like minds understand each other obviously, no other explanation fits.  It was a busy, busy time and I loved every moment of it. Ironically, during the visit the guest bath developed a leak and the HVAC system decided it needed to leak.  Both are now repaired and I can’t wait for the next reunion.  Returning to life feels so right.




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6 Responses to Returning To Life

  1. bob armstrong says:

    we plan to be in TX, LA and would love to see you in MS in mid November this year…

  2. Doris says:

    I know you’ve been busy but I sure have missed your blogs. Glad to see you back online again

  3. Michele says:

    It was so wonderful to be together again and your home is beautiful! You did an amazing job renovating and I’ve been bragging about your skills since we returned to NC! Looking forward to our next visit!

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