Seeking Healthy Eating



Years ago, I developed a healthy diet for myself and lost somewhere around 30-40 pounds. I felt good and was active, but then real life interfered with my good time and everything in my life went south.  Eating became something I did to survive, grabbing whatever was quickest and easiest.   Fatty and salt-laden foods were consumed relentlessly.  It didn’t make me feel better, but it got me through.

A three-year hiatus from cooking made me feel like a bride again, totally hopeless in the kitchen but willing to learn.  So, it became a challenge to wean myself from packaged or prepared foods to using fresh ingredients prepared at home.  It didn’t help that I was using new ceramic cookware and a new glass top electric stove.  I hadn’t cooked on an electric stove since the 1970’s.  Unfortunately, there was no choice here in our all-electric community.  Remember the Serenity Prayer?  I quoted it daily while trying to cook on this stove.

But persistence, and extreme stubbornness, have paid off and now I am cooking almost daily.  Before I really started cooking, I spent a month or more just studying all the new food trends to see which recipes met with my approval and my own personal food guidelines.  I knew that my preference was for a diet with a Mediterranean bent but retaining some favorites from my childhood with less fat and salt.

After studying and learning, the next obvious step was to start making grocery lists.  I started from scratch since I brought only a minimum of food from the apartment.  It was time to shop.  With my wallet screaming, I held fast and ordered all the stuff that the devil on my shoulder told me I’d never use.  Hah! That lie has been shattered already.  Cutting out a majority of sugar is tough for me, but the weaning has begun.  Today, I made a healthy cherry crisp which is good but it’s really short on added refined sugar.  I wonder if I next year I’ll think it’s too sweet, but this year, I’m thinking of heating it up and adding a little vanilla ice cream.  And next year I’ll have a cherry pitter.  Well, Rome wasn’t built in a day either.


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  1. Leo says:

    I am glad to hear about the changes in your eating and resuming something you have enjoyed doing. Michele has noticed that change in her “sweets” palate as she has gone away from more sugar over the past few years. Not me, though. That would require pulling back from sugar too much. 😉

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