Trial and Error Learning

Food and it’s preparation is part chemistry, part hard work, and, for real chefs, part fairy dust. For me, it pretty much all trial and error.  Some of the errors were edible while a couple went straight into the trash.  C’est la vie.  For the most part, it’s been going well.  I’ve always wanted to grow my own herbs.  Nothing fancy, just some rosemary and basil this year.  The rosemary is doing well indoors so far and fresh young rosemary is so much milder than the mature plant. However, the basil has been a trial with the first one dying rather quickly.  It’s replacement has nearly drowned with all the rain we’ve had and a strong storm tore all the leaves off.  So now, I have a couple of pretty, green stems that I’m praying will survive and flourish.

The tomato plants were a total bust.  One  produced a few small tomatoes with the bottom half rotten. The Roma plant gave me one small tomato before succumbing to its own drowning.  So, the tomato plants will head to the trash and some nice fall flowers will replace them.

And, by the way, who knew pesto was so picky.  In a moment of hurried insanity, using Kraft Parmesan was a huge error. Oh my, oh my.  That Parmesan should have blended with the pesto sauce, but instead each grain kept its own structure which made for a lumpy, rather bland pesto.  What is in that Kraft Parmesan that makes it like that?  Now, I have fresh Parmesan which will be grated tomorrow.  My neighbor offered me whatever grows in her garden while she is away on vacation; so, Ruby, tomorrow I’m hitting up your garden for basil.  If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. I’ll get it right eventually.

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