Mechanical? Genius? Not!

I’m obviously way too caught up in all the flooding in Texas from Hurricane Harvey never mind all the other stuff going on recently. But today is catch up day for all the chores not completed this week plus hopefully starting some of this week’s work.  At the top of my To Do list was cleaning my Dyson vacuum cleaner.

I’m really can’t complain since it is at least five years old and has never been cleaned. Ugh, how was it even working.  Since I splurged to buy this vacuum and didn’t want to replace it, cleaning it by now wasn’t an option.  It had to be done. These days anytime I want to know how to do something my first option, after calling my daughter, is to go to UTube for a demonstration.

it took about three tries to find the video using my model, but find it I did.  Within minutes, I had my filter out and washed. In return, it hugged me really tight since it was so glad to be able to breathe again. Of course, I had had to hug it really tight to get it clean so a return hug could only be expected.  The difficult part was how to remove the body of the dust collector from the cylinder that encases it.  Finally, the video show me where a hidden catch was that keeps the two parts connected.  Once that catch was released, a quick tug was all that was required to separate the two pieces.

Dear Lord, the dust, the dust.  I’m so shamed by its needy state.  With paper towels in hand, I did a dry scrub on the main part holding it over the garbage can.  After I finished sneezing from all the dust, it was time to clean the cylinder. I washed it out and dried it. Now, I’m no mechanical genius, but I feel very accomplished and gave myself a pat on the back while giving everything a chance to air out and thoroughly dry.

Now, it’s time to turn my head back to the food prep that needs doing.  After all, I’m out of bread so it’s time to make another loaf.

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  1. Jeanette Spencer says:

    Connie and I cleaned our Dyson by watching the video also. We were so in awe and excited that we were able to do it. Then we realized it was a Friday night and we were excited about taking apart and cleaning a vacuum cleaner.

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