Minor Miracles

Being a constant (read that as obsessed) reader, it was a no brainer for me to invest in a Kindle. I had over a thousand books in my personal library, but it was never enough books even though the favorites were read multiple times over the years.  Now, in my senior years (I looked up dotage, but it didn’t fit), my library consists of maybe fifty hard and paperback books while my Kindle groans under the weight of more than a thousand books. The app is on all my devices so that I always have my book nearby no matter where or when I need that fix.

Consider it safe to say, books are important to me. My neighbor, Ruby, says I’m way too busy reading to ever write a book. After a moment’s thought, I had to agree.  She nailed it.  I’m already on my third Kindle having worn out the first two in what seemed like a blink of the eye. This one has lasted quite a few years but only because my children bought me a tablet.

I’m now on my second tablet since I needed more memory to hold all the books, she said smiling with contentment.  Plus I’m on the second level of space on the cloud which I needed for all my books. Are you seeing a theme here?  I do and feel all giggly doing a happy dance because current technology allows for my greedy need for books.  But that’s me—I’ve had books in my hands since always.  I’m not bragging, just grateful that I can have thousands of books at my fingertips always.

So, it was a shock when I realized that I had worn out the cover for my Kindle before wearing out my Kindle.  That was truly unusual and much, much, much cheaper to replace.  This week I’ve picked a favorite author and am binging on re-reading all her books that I own since I’m curbing my spending.  Good writing is like air to me.  Maybe in my next life I can write that book.


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