About Geriatric Thoughts

Having a degree in English and a journalism minor, this blog is the completion of a long time dream.  I have always wanted to write, but never found a format.  So far, blogging seems to be a perfect fit.

I wanted a venue to discuss things that are important to me and hope that the reader gets enjoyment from them or, at the very least, can relate to the thoughts.  Rarely, will you see any political or religious commentary since those areas tend to be divisive and over discussed by the media.  And I only say rarely because I was taught to never say never.

Born after the end of World War II, I am a baby boomer and have lived through all the ensuing tumult and changes of the world since then.  After college graduation, I joined the Marine Corps as an officer and from there worked and lived in New York City, Washington, D.C., and the San Francisco Bay Area. Retirement has brought me back to the south where I was born.

After nearly 30 years of marriage that produced three children, my husband died of cancer.  We had a wonderful marriage which ended too soon.  Our children are now married adults who are thriving in their careers and lives.  I hope not to embarrass them too much with all my ramblings.

So, enjoy and stick with me while I try to improve the offerings.  Hopefully, I can relax after enough postings to write some that are more fun. And thank you for reading my blog.

2 Responses to About Geriatric Thoughts

  1. Corliss Jackson says:

    Awesome that you are doing this. You always had some enlightening stories and your life always amazed me. It was great having you and Leo as friends. And always awesome seeing you and talking to you. And now to see your writings and thoughts and of course photos blesses me and encourages me so much. We love you and miss you so much. Enjoy the great gift God has blessed you with. Writing!! Awesome indeed!!

    • You are too kind, lady. I think of all the good times we had and allow me to say they were too few. It’s silly, but I still miss you guys. You are both rocks in a world of sand.

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