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Hannah, Hancock, and Me

If you remember, back in December, 2010, I adopted two special needs dogs.  Really only one is special needs, but they both were lacking in so many things that we all take for granted that I just say they both … Continue reading

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Photo Revue

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Be careful what you ask for, you might just get it.  Today, I’m sharing the photos that you asked to see.  So, enjoy. Hannah gets a close up.     Hancock doesn’t get it.  What do I want him to … Continue reading

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The Latest New Do

Officially, it started with me taking my shoulder length hair and cutting it really short, really short.  It has since grown out some but it will be a long time, if ever, that it will be long again.  Short hair is … Continue reading

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Hancock and Hannah

Today marks the fourth week that Hancock and Hannah have been here.  Already, I can’t imagine life without them.  They are settling in and developing their own routine.  Mornings after going outside they come in, play for a while, and … Continue reading

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A Very Sad Truth

Sitting here, I am numb inside and can’t release all the emotion swirling in my heart and the thoughts running through my head.  I just returned from taking my adopted dogs to the vet for their first visit since I became … Continue reading

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Two Additions

Last year, about three months after our cocker spaniel died, I decided that I would get another dog; however, it had to be done after I moved since I refused to have a dog travel with me.  Driving  and living … Continue reading

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